What to take in your Royal Ascot picnic, by Eat Wild

venison carpaccio by eat wild   Brothers Will and Calum Thompson, founders of award-winning restaurant Eat Wild in Cirencester, are passionate about harvesting, cooking and retailing sustainably sourced wild meat and game. We're big fans of their food, and seeing as we're already starting to get excited about Royal Ascot we asked them very nicely if they'd share an alternative recipe with us that's perfect for your picnic. This recipe requires just a little preparation, but the key is in the transportation. Carefully position between packs of ice in a cool box to keep it chilled and eat as soon as possible. Bon appetit!   Venison Carpaccio This very quick and easy-to-prepare recipe requires just a mixture of seasonings and a sharp knife.   Ingredients: One loin of venison One lemon One lime A few juniper berries A small handful of mixed peppercorns Handful of picked fresh time leaves Two teaspoons of sea salt Pinch of ground cloves Four teaspoons of ground black pepper Half teaspoon of garlic powder   Method: Smash all the large ingredients - such as the juniper berries and peppercorns - into to a fine paste using a pestle and mortar. Combine the paste and the remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl. Zest the lemon and lime into the bowl and give the mix a twist of each. Lay two sheets of cling film slightly longer than your loin overlapping one another. Spread your seasoning mix across the centre of the cling film so that it's the length of the loin but a little bit wider. Roll the loin up carefully in the cling film so the seasoning complete coats it. Keep twisting the ends of the cling film until the loin is well covered and forms a compact cylinder. Put the loin in the fridge overnight to allow it to set. The following day, heat a frying pan until it's smoking hot. Sear either end of the loin before cooking off each side for just a couple of minutes. Once the entire outer is cooked, place the loin aside for a few minutes to rest before immediately transferring to the freezer for 15 minutes to stop the cooking process. Once removed from the freezer, slice the loin as thinly as possible and bash out between cling film for perfectly thin carpaccio. Now it can be chilled in containers in the refrigerator, ready to be packed between ice blocks in the cool box. Serve on the day with lemon wedges and olives (prepare and pack these separately in a small plastic container) and season with plenty of black pepper and a drizzle of rapeseed oil.   Eat Wild www.eat-wild.co.uk