XECO: The Fresh Faces of Fino


We are, as regular readers will have gathered, fino fiends. Bone dry and perfectly chilled, there’s little we’d rather be handed as the hour-hand approaches Sunday lunchtime than a glass of crisp, appetite-whetting sherry. We are also, of course, staunch upholders of tradition, and are thus reassured to see the name Tio Pepe or La Gitana on the label on such occasions.

However, we not ones to stand in the way of progress. A little disruption is good for the soul as well as the market. And besides - as one’s mother no doubt told one – it is important always to try new things.

So the launch of a new, light-hearted but seriously-serious-about-sherry brand is welcome news. Founded by three thirty-something Brits, Alexa Keymer, Polly Bolus and Beanie Espey, XECO aims to reaffirm the age-old love affair between Britons and Jerez’s most famous product, and to bring sherry out from the back of granny’s cabinet and into the hands of a new generation.

With many years of experience between them, the trio have partnered with a magnificent Spanish bodega, Díez Mérito, that has been producing sherry since 1876. Following a successful Indiegogo campaign, they will be bringing the first batch home next month.

Whilst their product itself may adhere strictly to the noble production and aging methods of generations past, their attitude towards drinking the stuff is as refreshing as their fino promises to be: Mix it with tonic and add a slice or two of apple and you’ve got a longer, more relaxed drink that’s perfect for longer, more relaxed afternoons; add a slug of vermouth, Aperol and dash of soda to make a wonderfully dry and sophisticated spritz; or simply top up your glass of fino with lemonade (preferably the sour, home-made variety), throw in a sprig of mint and you’ve got a delicious derivation of a rebujito.

Find out more about XECO at www.xecowines.com or pre-order a case via the Indiegogo page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/xeco-a-sherry-brand-for-you-not-granny#/