Bespoke Artisan Series with INRO London

Bespoke Artisan Series with INRO London

Welcome to the second edition of our artisan series—a celebration of craftsmanship and artistry in the world of bespoke.

We speak with Nawaz, the Co-Founder and Client Advisor at INRO London. INRO London specialises in creating bespoke leather accessories. From watch straps for vintage timepieces to card cases belts and bracelets, all of their pieces are crafted by hand in their London atelier.

We visit Nawaz in the INRO studio based in the treasure trove that is Alfies antique market in Marylebone, London. We discuss all things bespoke craftsmanship, from how his brand started in Leadenhall Market to the inspiration behind his brand, fascinating projects he has worked on in the past plus a very special collaboration with one particular Oliver Brown bespoke customer.

Q: Can you share the story behind the inception INRO London and how the journey began for your bespoke leather accessories brand?

Nawaz: In 2010, alongside my brother and nephew, we founded INRO following our joint passion for design and craftsmanship. Setting up our stall in Leadenhall Market, our journey began with two primary products: slipcases and card holders, both designed to meet the needs of clientele in the area. These items served firstly a practical purpose for professionals based in the City of London. The journey from Leadenhall Market to our current studio in Marylebone has been marked by our continued dedication to craftsmanship and a passion for creating bespoke luxuries that resonate with our clients' lifestyles.

Q: As you say, INRO specialises in creating bespoke luxuries. What does the process of crafting a bespoke leather accessory entail, and how do you ensure it meets the needs of each individual customer?

Nawaz: Crafting a bespoke leather accessory is a deeply personal journey. It begins with a thorough understanding of the client's preferences and requirements. We achieve this by asking insightful questions and fully immersing ourselves in the client's world to grasp their own unique style and aesthetic. From selecting the finest materials to the craftsmanship itself, every step is orchestrated to ensure that the final creation not only meets but exceeds the expectations of each customer. 

Q: Could you highlight a particularly challenging or unique project that INRO has undertaken?

Nawaz: Among the variety projects we've undertaken over the years, crafting straps for vintage Cartier timepieces stands out as being uniquely challenging. Before the 1970s, each Cartier watch was bespoke, featuring fixed clasps tailored to the wearer's wrist size. This means that precision is needed to craft straps to ensure a perfect fit. Over the past decade, we've honed our expertise in this area. Projects like these not only test our craftsmanship but also underscore our commitment to preserving the heritage and legacy of iconic luxury brands like Cartier.


Q: Our Artisan series celebrates like-minded businesses. Have there been any collaborations or partnerships that INRO has engaged in with other brands or artisans? And what made these collaborations special?

Nawaz: In one special collaboration with Oliver Brown, we co-designed a bespoke card case tailored exclusively for one of their clients, crafted to perfectly fit in the pockets of their Oliver Brown bespoke suit. By harmonising our design ethos with theirs, we not only expanded our horizons but also reaffirmed our commitment to delivering craftsmanship.

Q: Bespoke accessories often have a personal connection with the wearer. Are there any memorable stories or experiences shared by your customers that stand out to you?

Nawaz: One memorable tale involves a client who wanted to honour his late mother by incorporating a cherished rupee that she gave him into a bespoke card holder. Crafting a compartment within the holder to showcase the rupee, while ensuring its protection, added to the emotional significance of the piece. Another memorable experience was designing a ring box for a client, who wished to recreate a cherished heirloom belonging to his great-grandfather for his proposal. These stories show the deeply personal connections that bespoke accessories have with their wearers, making each creation not just a luxury item but a cherished memento of the most precious moments and memories.


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