Velvet smoking jackets in blue and raspberry.

Limited Edition Smoking Jackets

September is a time when London bustles with endless events to attend. This requires a gentleman to have a robust collection of outfits ready to make him look his best, no matter the occasion. To give your wardrobe a new addition that will turn heads and strike a memorable first impression, Oliver Brown is proud to release its line of limited-edition velvet smoking jackets. 

Available in three striking colours and featuring a cut as immortal as the style itself, these jackets are the ultimate statement of coolness and class. 

Limited edition velvet smoking jacket in raspberry

A Legendary Jacket for Legendary Nights

The velvet smoking jacket has remained a statement piece for tastemakers of fashion since the 1850s when it first emerged in wardrobes belonging to gentlemen of note, including no less than the Prince of Wales. Originally a riff on the traditional dinner jacket, just minus the tails, the piece has essentially remained the same ever since and with good reason.  

Described in its early days as a robe de chambre, the velvet smoking jacket embodies a lifestyle that perfectly blends leisure and style, formality and the comforts of home. For hosting a cocktail party or attending a red-carpet event, the gentleman who wears this tells the world that he is confident and secure in who he is while being extremely dapper in the process. 

Jacket in blue with bow tie

A Jacket for the Best of Times

An expertly worn velvet smoking jacket sets its own tone for the night. While this piece has most often been a choice fit for evening entertainment and formal occasions, these days some debonair gentlemen have been known to wear their smoking jackets in more informal settings. 

Though your velvet smoking jacket is yours to wear as you please, we have three different styles we recommend trying: 

  1. The classic: Black dress trousers, a crisp white collared shirt and a black bowtie—what’s not to love? This is the style that never goes out of style, the ultimate flex for an evening event that exudes confidence and formality. We recommend wearing this ensemble only to events with a formal dress code, as you risk appearing overdressed if you misread expectations. 
  2. The entertainer: Pair with a dark roll neck, a patterned or solid-colour trouser, velvet loafers and a cocktail close-at-hand. The entertainer’s style is breezy but sophisticated, it is for the gentleman who wants his guests to feel at ease but also to understand that he takes his appearance seriously. This outfit is the perfect compromise between formal and relaxed for ambiguous dress codes or date nights at your favourite bar. 
  3. The icon: The icon look is for the mavericks. It embraces the rogue spirit of fashion’s boldest moves and gleefully breaks the rules of dress wherever possible. Pair your Oliver Brown smoking jacket with a t-shirt, denim and your choice of footwear, throw in a pair of sunglasses and let the attention pour in. This is for the gentleman who has nothing to prove.  

Velvet smoking jacket in blue

Timeless Tailoring for the Modern Man 

Oliver Brown’s line of limited edition velvet smoking jackets exudes quality and sophistication, with the perfect balance of timeless elegance and modern tailoring we are known for. With a design based on our iconic ‘Carlyle’ block, a structured shoulder and single button, our jackets strike a strong silhouette, with a style that will remain in fashion for years to come. 

Available in our Lower Sloane Street and Jermyn Street locations, as well as online, Oliver Brown’s limited edition velvet smoking jackets are the kind of investment pieces that are sure to become the cornerstone of a gentleman’s evening wear wardrobe.  

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