Chinese New Year Jacket

Made-to-Measure: Oliver Brown Celebrates the Year of the Rabbit

To celebrate the arrival of Chinese New Year on the 22nd, Oliver Brown's Made-to-Measure department has produced a limited edition velvet smoking jacket in a rich red to bring good luck to those who wear it. 

Chinese New Year 2

Designed by the manager of our Made-to-Measure department, Sachchi, wanted our jacket to be constructed with a fabric that exudes luxury and style. This left no other option than a red velvet sourced from Smith Woolens, one of the most sought after cloths in the industry.

"I looked at traditional Chinese new years attire and how we could fuse a western touch with traditional Chinese elements. An excellent example of this is our use of pankou buttons for the closures alongside classic western frogging for the cuffs." — Sachchi

The fabric was made in a hybrid cut with a traditional mandarin collar. It features closed quarters, side vents and a slimming fit that will emphasise the lines of the torso. 

To finish the piece off with a few additional flourishes of luxury, we've given the cuffs European frogging in gold and replaced the buttons with five traditional Chinese pankou knot closures.

Chinese New Year 3 

This jacket is available upon request from our Made-to-Measure department, who will fit it to your exact specifications.

Reproducing this jacket may take longer than the typical 8–10 week turnaround for Made-to-Measure pieces. Pankou buttons may incur additional fees.

Visit the link to book your consultation and bring in the Year of the Rabbit in style.

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