Our 2024 Royal Ascot Style Guide

Our 2024 Royal Ascot Style Guide

Oliver Brown is proud to hold the title of the official Royal Ascot Licensee for Top Hats, boasting the world's largest private collection. 

Embark on a journey of style and sophistication as we unveil our 2024 Race Day style guide, curated by our team at our new City of London store.

Whether your destination is the Royal Enclosure, the Queen Anne Enclosure, or the Windsor and Village Enclosures, we present our key three looks that we’ve styled specifically for Ascot this year as you prepare for excitement of race day. 

Queen Anne Enclosure

Looking to enjoy your Ascot slightly more casual, the Queen Anne Enclosure demands a matching full-length suit and tie.

The dress code for the Queen Anne Enclosure is as follows:

  • A full-length two or three-piece suit. Jackets and trousers should be of matching material (morning dress is also permitted)
  • A collared shirt
  • A necktie (patterns of a patriotic nature, e.g., a national flag, are acceptable)
  • Socks must be worn and should cover the ankle

Oliver Farugia, the Buying and Merchandising Assistant for Oliver Brown, wears the new season Mayfair Fresco suit in Navy with a navy tie and contrast white collar and cuff striped shirt with navy braces. He accessorizes with Horse and Jockey cufflinks, a look that’s suitable for the Queen Anne enclosure.

Windsor & Village Enclosures

Whilst there is no official dress code for the Windsor Enclosure, guests are encouraged to dress in smart daywear. A hat, headpiece, or fascinator is encouraged along with a jacket and collared shirt.

The dress code for the Village Enclosure is as follows:

  • A suit jacket or blazer (can be of different material to the trousers)
  • A full-length trouser or chino
  • A collared shirt
  • A necktie, bow tie, or cravat (patterns of a patriotic nature, e.g., a national flag, are acceptable)
  • Socks must be worn and should cover the ankle

Richard Farugia, Store manager of our new City of London store, is dressed for the Village enclosure wearing a navy pique lapel linen suit with a tie featuring all the silks of the jockeys, which is suitable for Royal Ascot at the Windsor or Village Enclosures.

Royal Enclosure

The dress code for the Royal Enclosure is as follows:

  • Morning dress of black, grey, or navy material
  • A waistcoat and necktie (patterns of a patriotic nature, e.g., a national flag, are acceptable)
  • A black or grey top hat (may be removed within a restaurant or Private Box. Top hats may also be removed within an enclosed external seating area, terrace, balcony, or garden)
  • Black dress shoes worn with socks covering the ankle

The Royal Enclosure is your opportunity to style your most treasured black, grey, or navy morning coat, sporting a well-fitted waistcoat and tie, and, most notably, a top hat. For further details, visit the Royal Ascot website.

Oliver Brown founder Kristian Ferner Robson is seen here wearing a bespoke Oliver Brown morning suit in grey and is ready for the Royal Enclosure. The bespoke look was hand-crafted in-house by the skilled Savile-Row trained Oliver Brown bespoke team at the Chelsea flagship showroom. Oliver Brown is the Ascot official Top Hat licensee, and Kristian is seen here sporting our signature silk top hat.

For further details into what to wear at Royal Ascot we invite you to explore the official Royal Ascot website for their official dress code. Additionally, discover the Oliver Brown Royal Ascot collection, featuring a curated selection of attire ranging from morning wear to silk antique top hats. 

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