A Guide to Oliver Brown's Jackets

A Guide to Oliver Brown's Jackets

Oliver Brown's collections of suits and jackets are centred around five different styles or "blocks," each with unique characteristics suited to the varied lifestyle of the modern gentleman. 

To help you find the perfect jacket for your wardrobe, our tailoring experts have assembled this comprehensive guide to our different blocks aimed at helping you find your next iconic look.


Timeless Style

Sloane Jacket

Sloane is a name filled with associations to anyone who knows the London shopping scene. Oliver Brown has taken the spirit of this name and designed a jacket as timeless and iconic as any gentleman would expect. 

Sloane jackets emphasise the flattering lines of their design with a notch lapel, strong shoulder, slanted flap pockets and outer breast welt pocket. The effect, when paired with a two-button design, is a piece that will stand out when worn by any gentleman, aiming for a subtle flair that doesn't risk wearing out its welcome.

Sloane jackets are quintessential workplace and formal attire, though they remain versatile enough to be dressed down if desired.


A Modern Take on the Classic

Eaton Jacket

Eaton jackets build on the legacy of our Sloane block but make some key alterations with a meaningful impact. Bringing in the waist gives the jacket a slim fit relative to the Eaton, perfect for gentlemen who want a jacket that hugs the torso more and emphasises their shoulders.

Eaton jackets are especially well suited to less formal occasions when a roll neck or — dare we say — t-shirt, can be a substitute for something dressier. 


A Subtle Variation

Astell Jacket

The Astell jacket is our second slim-fit block but it has some key differences that set it apart from the Eaton. A shorter length on the torso provides an overall more contemporary fit, bringing it in line with present-day style trends while retaining the spirit of Chelsea's tailoring traditions. 

Astell's modern stylings make it a natural choice for gentlemen who aim for a clean, effortless kind of aesthetic that avoids stuffiness and boxy fitting.


Understated Sophistication

Carlyle Jacket

The single-button jacket is the peak of modern tailoring, where understated subtle detailing is prioritised over the multi-button flair of a double-breasted cut. Carlyle jackets take the essentials of the Eaton and add the more prominent peak lapel as opposed to a notch. This, plus stealthy double-jetted felted pockets, creates a sleek silhouette that is perfect for business suits and evening wear.


Double-Breasted Sophistication

Cadogan Jacket

A double-breasted suit immediately conveys power and prestige, with a nod to the older styles of tailoring. While this type of fit is often associated with conservative fashion tastes and corporate settings, in the hands of a confident gentleman it can be adapted to a diverse range of settings and occasions. For example, a double-breasted suit can be paired with a roll neck for relaxed evening plans. Or for lazy weekends at your favourite café, try wearing it with an open-collared shirt, chinos and loafers. 

Oliver Brown's Cadogan jackets feature a strong peak lapel, straight flap pockets and a breast pocket, plus a strong shoulder that helps to build its powerful silhouette. 

A Jacket for Every Gentleman

Oliver Brown's collection is built around the aim of offering the modern gentleman everything his wardrobe might need throughout the year, for any setting or occasion. Each of our jacket blocks has been carefully designed to meet these aims while walking the delicate balance of remaining contemporary without forgetting our roots as a staple of Chelsea tailoring. 

Explore our full line of jackets and suits to find your next wardrobe piece. If you are looking for something that is more tailored to your specific tastes and preferences, schedule an appointment with our made-to-measure and bespoke teams here.

Jacket illustrations by Namarata Singh.

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