The Oliver Brown Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection Has Arrived

The Oliver Brown Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection Has Arrived

Our cold-weather collection prioritises craft over trend-following, incorporating a meticulously curated selection of world-class luxury materials from some of the finest heritage mills and manufacturers.  

Defined by luxurious Loro Piana wools and silks, Dormeuil Flannel, Brisbane Moss corduroy and tweeds from Moons and Lovat Mill, every Oliver Brown piece is a love letter to traditional tailoring that carries the legacy of hundreds of years of tradition in every detail.  

Dinner jacket and roll neck combo

Designed for Countless Autumn and Winters 

We think of every piece in the Oliver Brown collection as a legacy piece. These are the jumpers you wear for so often you can't imagine ever replacing them, the silk ties you pass down to your son for their first formal event or the jacket that someday you'll look at and say "they don't make them like they used to." 

We aim to capture in our clothing the qualities of elegance without being delicate and durable without compromising on style. These are clothes made to last season after season, with materials that make them prized possessions rather than disposable trend-followers.

Oliver Brown's shooting collection

Our Sources 

Luxury and heritage materials are at the heart of the Oliver Brown Autumn/Winter collection. We've put a great deal of intentionality into carefully choosing sources that meet our standards for integrity and quality. 

Here are a few highlights of where we've sourced our incredible fabrics from:

  • Loro Piana — There simply is no better fabric maker than Loro Piana. Especially when it comes to wool, anything else will be measured against their materials, which are coveted for their softness and durability. We've incorporated these cloths into the luxury dinner jackets from our collection, making them some of our finest ever.
  • Alfred Brown — A British suit should have a British fabric, which is why we selected the Alfred Brown mill as our source. Since 1915, they have remained highly esteemed within the world of suiting for an unrivalled level of quality and craftsmanship. 
  • Scabal / Holland & Sherry — For the velvet fabrics in our limited edition smoking jackets, there could be no other sources than Scabal Mill and Holland & Sherry, who gave us the eye-catching colours and stunning feel that only the best velvets can offer.
  • W. Bill — Based in Wales, W. Bill has made some of the finest wool for over 175 years. For our overcoat and cream needlecord jacket, there could be no other option for both long-lasting style and durability against harsh weather.

Our Autumn/Winter collection is a fabric connoisseur's dream, with countless gems, each selected for its lasting quality and style.

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