• Made to Measure

    Made-to-measure shirts are great for people who are of a regular size who want to imprint their own personal style on the design of the shirt. When making a made-to-measure shirt we will get the customer to try a shirt in the size that they require. From this we can make a few small tweaks to the sleeve and body length. Then from this basis the client can choose fabric, collar shape, cuff type and a few other styling details. 

    Shirts starting at £195.

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  • Bespoke

    This investment of time and craft requires new customers to place a minimum order of 3 shirts, to allow for sampling. To create the perfect fit we will take a set of measures from which we will create a personal paper pattern. This will form a first sample shirt which we advise you to wash and wear three times. We will refit the shirt to ensure it is perfect. After the adjustments have been made and you are happy with the first shirt, we will make the balance of the order. 

    Shirts starting at £325

    (with a minimum order of 3 for the first order)

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How long does it take?

Made-to-measure takes up to 10 weeks. Bespoke has a minimum order of 3 shirts; samples are made in 3 weeks. Once you are happy, the balance of the order is made in 5 weeks.

How is payment made?

A deposit of 50% on bespoke orders is required and 100% upfront is required for made to measure.

How many times do I have to come in for a fitting?

Made-to-measure is a stock garment with a few changes so no fittings are required. For bespoke shirting, you have a single fitting. If all is well, we make the balance of the shirts – if changes are needed, this is made before the order is completed. Once the shirt is perfect, we make the balance of the order.

Can I get a collarless shirt, or shortsleeved?

With a bespoke shirt, you can have whatever you like created – you are the designer, there are limitless options. For made-to-measure, there may be slight restrictions but you can discuss this with one of our team in store or simply drop us an email.

Fabric & Cloths

Majority of our fabrics come from Alumo in Switzerland. Alumo are one of the world's leading producers of the highest quality two-fold cotton shirt fabrics, made to the highest standards. We also work with a selection of British mills, with whom we have very close relationships. Choose from over 1000 different patterns and colours in various weights and thread counts. We only use mother of pearl buttons for our bespoke shirting, with a range of hues to match.

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