Hire FAQ's

What items are available to hire?

Oliver Brown has an extensive collection of Evening Tails, Dinner Jackets, Single or Double Breasted, Morning Wear.  We also hire Top Hats, Cummerbunds and Braces. 

How long do I get my hire for?

You have the option to select your hires for as long as you require.

For Ascot, hires will be ready to collect the day before your required Race Day and to be returned the day after. Any extra days required will be charged at a full rate.

What happens if I am late in returning my hire?

You will be charged £25 for normals hire and a full day for Ascot hires.

Are all the items dry cleaned?

All items are dry cleaned upon return

Can I hire items individually or do I need to hire a whole suit.

You can hire individual items or full sets as two, three, four pieces suits.

Can I have my suit delivered, how do I return it?

We can deliver your hire but the return needs to be undertaken by
yourself and delivered back to our Lower Sloan Street Store.

What do I wear for Royal Ascot?

A guide for what to hire for Ascot can be found here >

Can I order for a group booking?

We accept group bookings, the best way to do this is in our Lower Sloane Street. If you are unable to come into store, please email us at hire@oliverbrown.org.uk
and we will assist you with your enquiry.

Do you make appointments for hire

No we operate on a first come first serve base.

What does the insurance cover?

All accidental damage is covered in our insurance policy. This does not cover loss. Our insurance does not
cover any damage or loss relating to top hats.

What's the best store to go into for hire?

For on the spot hire requests or to place an order on the day we recommend visiting our Lower Sloane Street store. For group bookings our Lower Sloane Street Store is also advised. All our stores offer our hire services for any other hire requests.

How does payment work?

Payment is taken up front when an order is placed. If your circumstances change or the event is cancelled, we offer a full refund seven days before picking up your order.

I need a suit for tonight, can you help?

For urgent hires, visit us in our Lower Sloane Street store and give us your sizes and we will aim to set something aside for you. This does not apply to any Ascot hire requests.

How far in advance do I need to book hire?

We usually take around 4 days to prepare a hire so please leave sufficient time before you need your hire items.