How to Hire for Race Day

Make Your Hire Outfit a Sure Bet

When it comes to dressing for race day, particularly for esteemed events like Royal Ascot, ensuring that you're appropriately dressed is all part of the experience. For those in need of morning wear for the day, look no further than Oliver Brown, London’s premier luxury morning wear hire supplier.

Attending Royal Ascot means adhering to specific dress codes, which vary depending on the enclosure you find yourself in. In the Royal Enclosure, a three-piece morning suit in classic tones of grey, navy, or black is obligatory. Waistcoats must steer clear of any novelty designs or promotional embellishments, adhering to the refined standards of the occasion.

Top hats are also a requirement for gentlemen in the Royal Enclosure. They must also be traditional in style, devoid of any personalisation such as ribbons or feathers or vibrant hues. Oliver Brown, as the official Royal Ascot Licensee for Top Hats, can help make sure that you're dressed in accordance with these guidelines.

For those enjoying the atmosphere in the Queen Anne Enclosure, morning wear is still appropriate but sans the top hat. A full-length two or three-piece suit, complete with a collared shirt and appropriate necktie, is the order of the day.

At Oliver Brown, we're dedicated to assisting you in your race day hire needs. Whether you require a complete outfit or just the finishing touches, our premium race day hire packages offer everything from waistcoat to morning coat and, of course, the essential top hat for hire.

Booking your hire is simple, whether online or in person at one of our three London stores our expert hire team are ready to help. Booking your hire is simple, and you can easily select the products required and duration of hire on our website.

Let Oliver Brown ensure your race day ensemble is a winning look, leaving you free to focus on the excitement of the day ahead.

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