Initial Consultation

You will sit down with one of our Made-to-measure Team, who will be able to advise you on all aspects of cloth selection and design. From cloth to cuff width, we are here to answer your questions and guide you in the creation of your new garment.


Once the cloth and design details have been confirmed, we will fit you in our house block to check adjustments that need to be made. This means that we are able to adjust a pre-existing pattern, ensuring a simple stress-free experience.


Your garment will be produced to your measurement and style specifications, in a quality controlled off-shore factory.


Your garment will be at a fully constructed stage for the fitting. This will allow you to see the garment in its final form and allow us to refine the small details to your own personal preference.


Making those final adjustments are all part of the service. We alter all our garments here in London, to ensure excellent quality control.


With those final adjustments completed, we will slip your garment on to check you are satisfied and that we are happy to let another garment leave the store brandishing the Oliver Brown label.


    Two-piece suit starting at £1,500.

    Shirts starting at £195.

Contact Us

A member of our MTM team will be in touch soon.