Limited Time Offer on a Made-to-Measure Experience

On from now until the 30th of November, order a two-piece Made-to-Measure suit using cloth from renowned British Mill Alfred Brown, and save £300. Choose from Four Season Worsteds or Lightly Brushed Flannels, perfect for a staple piece made especially for you. 

2-piece MTM suit for £1200 instead of the usual price point of £1500. Limited Availability.

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  • Bespoke

    Bespoke encapsulates the art and the process of designing and creating your perfect piece, hand crafted and tailored to your exact specifications. Patterns are hand-drafted using time honoured skills and the garment handmade at our Lower Sloane Street workshop, by our Savile Row trained team. Clients will have roughly three fittings over the course of 12 weeks. It is as much about the immersive experience as it is about the finished product.

    Two-piece suits starting at £4950.

    12-14 week turnaround.

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  • Made-to-Measure

    Made to Measure is a production-based approach offering some customisation and a reassuring level of convenience. Clients are fitted in a stock model and adjustments are made based on their personal measurements. The garment will be made in our offshore workshop and ready to collect approximately 6-8 weeks later. After a quick fitting and any necessary small adjustments, it's ready to go home.

    Two-piece suit starting at £1,500.

    6-8 week turnaround.

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Do I need Bespoke or Made to Measure?

This is a question of convenience, cost and most importantly expectation.

Bespoke gives us the necessary time with the customer and the skill of our in-house team to create a garment that is unparalleled in fit and comfort. It's the service that delivers on the promise.

Made to measure is a more cost and time effective approach. It will suit a customer who fits our ready to wear block closely and would like an element of customisation and adjustments to fit.

You can learn more about each service below.

Timeless Bespoke Eveningwear

Bespoke Head Cutter, Mike Deans, tells us about the inspiration behind the Bespoke Dinner Suit; handcrafted at our Lower Sloane St Shop for Oliver Brown's 25th Anniversary.

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Get to know our talented tailoring team.

The strength of our business is the people and personalities that make up our staff. Bringing with them their own professional and life experience alongside a collective passion for the craft.

Whether it's the person measuring your inside leg or the person molding & sculpting the cloth to your chest shape, a team is the sum of it's part and we invite you to get to know them all a little better.