Meet the Team - Dwayne

Meet the Team - Dwayne

At Oliver Brown, we believe that personal style is an art form, and our employees are the true maestros. Dwayne Guthrie is a talented member of our Jermyn Street team, whose creativity and eye for fashion extend beyond the realm of tailoring. Explore Dwayne's style inspirations, favourite wardrobe pieces, and passions outside the world of fabrics and patterns with us.

From an early age, Dwayne had a natural inclination for fashion and the ability to curate unique and captivating outfits. His love for experimenting with colours, patterns, and textures led him to pursue a career in tailoring. With a keen eye for detail and a desire to express himself, Dwayne studied Fashion and Design at UAL, honing his skills and deepening his understanding of style.

When asked about his favourite Oliver Brown items, Dwayne's eyes light up with enthusiasm. He passionately describes the Hemingway jacket, specifically Oliver Brown's Safari jacket, as his ultimate wardrobe staple, which will be coming back next season! Available in both wool and linen variations, this practical jacket boasts multiple pockets and effortlessly combines style and functionality. The wool version allows Dwayne to elevate his look with a knitted tie for a more dressed-up ensemble, while the linen version perfectly complements casual wear, effortlessly paired with jeans and desert boots.

Outside of work and within the walls of Oliver Brown, Dwayne's personal style shines through. He has a penchant for interchangeable and multifunctional pieces, allowing him to curate outfits that seamlessly transition from casual to formal. Instead of opting for matching suits, Dwayne prefers to mix and match jackets and trousers, creating a look that is uniquely his own. One of his go-to summer pieces is the Eaton Cotton Jacket, a versatile garment that exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. Whether paired with separate trousers, a shirt with a tie, and loafers for a formal occasion, or with matching trousers, a knitted polo shirt, and tennis sneakers for a more laid-back affair, the Eaton Cotton Jacket showcases Dwayne's sartorial flair and adaptability.

For Dwayne, personal style extends beyond the garments themselves. The most important piece of clothing he owns is his grandfather's vintage silk Salvatore Ferragamo tie. This treasured item holds sentimental value and acts as a constant reminder of Dwayne's passion for neckwear. It serves as a symbolic connection to his past and a source of inspiration for his ongoing sartorial journey.

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Beyond the world of tailoring, Dwayne finds solace and excitement in various other pursuits. He immerses himself in the kitchen, constantly experimenting with new recipes and embracing the opportunity to unwind while exploring the culinary arts. As a lover of culture and language, Dwayne has recently embarked on learning Arabic, a journey that challenges him to expand his horizons and embrace new linguistic skills. While he modestly admits that his progress may be a work in progress, his enthusiasm for self-improvement shines through.

Dwayne's journey at Oliver Brown is a testament to his unwavering passion for style, versatility, and personal expression. From his creative wardrobe choices to his treasured vintage ties, he epitomises the Oliver Brown ethos of craftsmanship and individuality.

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