Meet The Team - Isaac Gomis Besant

Meet The Team - Isaac Gomis Besant

As the longest-serving employee at Oliver Brown, Isaac's passion for formalwear and craftsmanship has been evident throughout his career. But his journey in tailoring is not just about cutting fabrics; it's a story of dedication, adventure, and a lifelong connection to the art of dressing well. Isaac's journey begins in the idyllic town of Falmouth, Cornwall, where the land and sea serve as a backdrop. It is here that Isaac spent his early years, forging a connection with its tranquil beauty and a love of the great outdoors.

Isaac's passion for menswear also began here when a daily boat ride home from primary school would result in a remarkable transformation. Once at home, Isaac would remove his uniform and change into a suit before heading to the park, displaying sartorial sophistication far beyond his years. At the age of just five, Isaac had managed to convince his mother to purchase a black suit for him from a school uniform store, after seeing the Blues Brother’s movie.

As the years passed, Isaac’s obsession with tailoring grew and in his later youth, a new chapter beckoned; London was calling and Isaac moved to the capital. This transition, although challenging, provided the perfect conditions for Isaac's burgeoning love for tailoring to flourish, shaping his path ahead.

David Saxby's Old Hat in Putney held sentimental value for Isaac, as it marked his first step into the world of menswear. At the age of 16, he embarked on his career at this iconic shop that resonated with memories of his father's sartorial choices. It was at this place that his father used to buy his suits when he was younger, providing a fitting backdrop for Isaac to formally start his journey into the world of tailoring. Here, Isaac also crossed paths with Samir, who recently joined the Oliver Brown team and is based in Jermyn Street.

Within the world of Oliver Brown, Isaac's role as an undercutter and assistant to Mike Deans unfolds with the precision and effectiveness that you’d expect. Working hand in hand with Mike, emails hum as customer fittings are booked, patterns take form, and skilled hands cut and sculpt fabrics into waistcoats, trousers and jackets.

Within Isaac's journey, there are several standout moments that shine. Cutting his first jacket for himself, shaped by the artistry of Tessa, an Oliver Brown Coatmaker, was a personal milestone for Isaac. Cutting his first dinner suit for his 25th birthday, emerged as a further testament to that journey. During the regal solemnity of the Queen's funeral, a poignant chapter was further etched as he witnessed garments that he had worked on being worn at this historic event.

Beyond the world of tailoring, Isaac can also be described as an explorer of life's vibrant palette. He has a love of cooking that’s demonstrated by his mastery of Japanese and Asian cuisine. Finds adventure in the sea; sailing, spearfishing and freediving around the south coast and takes pleasure in challenging his limits by undertaking motorcycle camping journeys, engaging in wild camping and hiking adventures. In 2024, Isaac will embark on a daring journey from London to Mongolia for The Mongol Rally, accompanied by a reliable Nissan Micra and a trusted companion, which promises another exhilarating adventure.

Isaac’s vibrant spirit fuels his passion for tailoring and blends seamlessly with his zest for life's daring escapades, making him an exciting and valued long standing member of the Oliver Brown family.

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