Meet The Team - Tessa

Meet The Team - Tessa

Meet Tessa, Oliver Brown's talented Coat Maker from Isle of Sheppey, Kent. With a passion for creativity and a strong inclination towards working with her hands, Tessa grew up learning sewing from her grandmother who was a seamstress. Her love for the British history associated with tailoring led her to pursue a career in this craft, and she has never looked back since.

After studying BA (hons) Fashion Atelier at University for the Creative Arts, Rochester, Tessa has been honing her skills in coatmaking. Before joining the team at Oliver Brown, Tessa worked as an Apprentice Coatmaker and Workshop Manager at Edward Sexton on Savile Row. She has an eye for detail and loves working with a variety of cloths, ensuring that each coat she makes is unique and different from the last.

Tessa loves the long process that goes into making a jacket, and enjoys seeing the finished product, especially when customers take interest in the details and ask questions. She finds it fulfilling to be a part of a craft that requires constant learning and problem-solving, with each day at work presenting a new challenge to overcome.

Outside of work, Tessa loves gundog training her Cocker Spaniel and growing her own vegetables. She dreams of living on a croft in Scotland, where she can grow her own vegetables and spend more time in nature while also pursuing her passion for coatmaking.

As a fun fact, Tessa's dog Berry occasionally accompanies her to work and sleeps under her board while she works away.

Tessa's passion for coatmaking and her attention to detail are evident in every piece she creates. The team at Oliver Brown is proud to have her as part of the team and looks forward to seeing the beautiful creations she will continue to make in the future.

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