OB Recommends: BAC Mono

Here at Oliver Brown we love high quality design, be it fashion or automotive. That's why we're proud to be a member of Peg 5, a collection of the most powerful brands in the shooting world. We pitch up at the CLA Game Fair year after year alongside fellow Peg 5 favourites, British brand BAC (Briggs Automotive Company). The team at Liverpool-based BAC are the makers of the outstanding supercar, BAC Mono, and we couldn't resist introducing you to this high-performance work of art.   BAC Mono car   Here's the BAC Mono in all its glory at last year's CLA Game Fair. The Mono is an ultra high performance, road-legal supercar designed and manufactured using the latest racing technology. BAC built the Mono for the most discerning of drivers seeking the ultimate experience and the prestige that comes from owning an elite, lightweight sports car. We certainly fell in love with it, and Jeremy Clarkson (who's seen his fair share of impressive cars!) once commented "When you stand back, that's one of the most exciting shapes I've ever seen."   BAC mono car   BAC mono car with Oliver Brown logo   Seeing the Oliver Brown logo added to the car: a brilliant moment!   BAC mono with Peg 5 brand logos   All of the Peg 5 members' logos together on the supercar's bonnet.   So, now you've seen it, can you imagine yourself as part of the Mono club? The team at BAC pride themselves on their personal customer service - in fact, they say they know each of their customers by name. We highly recommend getting in contact if you're considering making your dreams of driving and owning a formula car come true. Take a look at BAC Mono site to see for yourself and follow them on Twitter for the latest updates: twitter.com/DiscoverMono.
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