Initial Consultation

    Our Head Cutter will sit down with you to discuss your preferred styleand select the appropriate cloth to compliment this. 

    A comprehensive set of measurements will be taken, considering your individual posture and stance.

    Pattern Cutting

    We hand draft a paper pattern that is unique to your body, using methods passed down and evolved over the 200 years of 'modern tailoring'. 

    Think of this as the blueprint for the suit.


    Your individual pattern is then laid on the cloth and traced around with tailor's chalk, to transfer the 'plan' to the cloth itself. 

    From here we carefully cut the cloth ensuring meticulous pattern matching.


    The canvas interlining is constructed and attached by hand, helping to sculpt to your individual shape. 

    The suit is then loosely hand stitched together ready for the first fitting.

    First Fitting

    The suit it will be in a basic form; it will allow us to balance the garment on your body and dial in the perfect proportions for you, all whilst discussing your own tastes and comfort.


    We will deconstruct and remark the suit to reflect the adjustments,as well as updating your paper pattern, to ensure we have an accurate foundation for future orders.

    Second Fitting

    Here we will refine the fit, perfecting the silhouette and checking the finer details of drape, sleeve length and trousers break to your liking.


    Another specialised tailor takes over control of the suit at this stage; the attachment of the lining, the buttonholes, and edge stitching will all be finely stitched by hand.


    Your suit will be expertly pressed, setting in the shape and ensuring pristine presentation.

    Final Fitting

    You will get to admire the finished creation of 80-100 hours of craftsmanship and the transformative nature of true bespoke tailoring.

    Two Piece suits starting at £4950

    12 - 14 week turnaround

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