In Leisurely Pursuit of Beauty

In Leisurely Pursuit of Beauty

Venice, a muse to poets and artists through the ages, continues to attract those drawn to the leisurely pursuit of beauty and an appreciation of the craftsmanship on display. Itself a jewel crafted by nature’s hand, perfectly suspended between water and sky. 
In this article, we delve into the allure of seersucker, the influences that inspired the piece and our relationship with the evolving role of tailored garments in the modern wardrobe.
Head Cutter Mike Deans first found inspiration in Issay Miyake's Homme Plissé collection; a capsule of garments made from pleated jersey material. He felt it was a clever way to bridge the gap between people’s current taste for streetwear and a fresh and contemporary update to traditional tailored garments. By drawing inspiration from this collection, our bespoke team aimed to infuse a sense of modernity and versatility into the design of the leisure suit, aligning it with evolving fashion preferences. The wool seersucker fabric from Draper's Montecarlo bunch, known for its crease resistance and body-enhancing qualities, catered to our desire for a blend of refinement and functionality.
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Seersucker is a lightweight, puckered material that exudes a charming, nostalgic appeal. Its distinctive texture, characterised by alternating smooth and crinkled stripes, makes it instantly recognizable and evokes images of lazy summer days. The name is derived from the Persian words "shir o shekar" meaning "milk and sugar", alluding to the fabric's smooth and rough stripes. The woven puckering effect not only adds visual interest but also promotes airflow, making it a popular choice for warm weather attire. Popular in preppy fashion and associations with the American South, we wanted to step away from the ubiquitous candy stripe variation and opted for a French navy block colour that would lend itself to a more versatile and wearable outfit. 


With our bespoke leisure suit we tried to embody and update the spirit of 1940s transatlantic leisurewear, evoking images of the Riviera, Cannes, and the Amalfi Coast. Its breezy, loungewear-inspired design captures the essence of relaxation and sophistication. The flowing drape and wide fit of the trouser creates an elegant yet sporty aesthetic that allows for comfort and breathability. It’s the perfect partner to travel, allowing individuals to express their unique style, offering ample pocket space and the potential for adding a touch of drama to whichever setting you may be strolling through.

With this suit we have tried to answer the persistent question “why do we wear suits, are they still relevant?”. With the decline of the suit as a uniform and the trappings of attachment to the prescribed business outfit, we have the chance to rediscover our love for tailored garments. We can ask ourselves how it might find a well deserved place as the piece we reach for in our wardrobe, if approached with consideration. Where better to meander the maze and ponder that question, than a city frequented by Byron, Wilde and more recently Hemmingway, the great devotees to the art of leisure.

Time to sit back and admire the marriage of the city and the suit. Both Venice and bespoke tailoring embody a dedication to precision, attention to detail, and a commitment to preserving time-honoured traditions. Just as Venice's artisans have honed their craft over centuries, passing down their expertise through generations, we draw upon our own wealth of knowledge and expertise to create unique, perfectly tailored garments. Both entities exemplify that pursuit of beauty, finesse and a deep appreciation for the artistry that ransforms raw materials into works of art; both intertwined in their shared interest in excellence and their ability to capture the essence of timeless appeal.

Written by Mike Deans

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